Neil Vonhof nhvonhof at
Mon Dec 30 15:48:42 EST 2002

I bought my car in April of 2000 and it came with the 100/80w bulbs
installed by the PO.  No changes to wiring were done and I have never
had a problem of any type.
Recently, however, the high beam on the drivers side went out, so I'll
have to replace that bulb. Probably tacky to change the topic of this
thread but after initial look around at the drivers side head light it
looks like a pain to change that bulb (the passenger side is simple).
Any BTDT on changing the drivers side bulb?
Neil Vonhof
1991 200q20v Sedan, 143,000

Roger Bouilly wrote:

>Hello the List,
>I am about to put 100/80w replacement lamps in my 200tq20v.  I have had
>euros in other cars, and have made up a harness.  So I know how to do that.
>But I am now being told by people who claim to have sold lots of these
>bulbs that it is not necessary to build a harness.  They say they have
>never had a meltdown.
>Any opinions as to who's right?
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