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Mon Dec 30 23:44:37 EST 2002

At 6:48 PM -0500 12/30/02, Neil Vonhof wrote:
>I bought my car in April of 2000 and it came with the 100/80w bulbs
>installed by the PO.  No changes to wiring were done and I have never
>had a problem of any type.

No problem until it happens. It does  take a while  (and depends on how
much nighttime driving you do). And then there's the matter of not getting
full power from those lamps with the stock wiring.

>Recently, however, the high beam on the drivers side went out, so I'll
>have to replace that bulb. Probably tacky to change the topic of this
>thread but after initial look around at the drivers side head light it
>looks like a pain to change that bulb (the passenger side is simple).
>Any BTDT on changing the drivers side bulb?

Enlist someone with long, strong fingers.  I complained about the
difficulty when I first got my euros, and it hasn't gotten any easier. Of
course you must completely remove the H4 cover to have any chance (don't
drop it!). Hardest part is releasing the spring clamp (don't drop that,
either) that retains the bulb. Might help to use a tiny dab of high-temp
grease before re-installing the retainer clamp.


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