Ebay.de 3B chips warning!

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Tue Dec 31 20:22:48 EST 2002

Fellow listers,

A hungarian 200q20v-lister, Gabo, sent me today a chipset bought on ebay.de
for the 3B engines. It is supposed to make 280 HP and promises 3l/100km
fuel consumption decrease. As far as the fuel consumption goes I cannot say
anything but regarding these chips' reliability, I can't but warn anyone
not to buy such chips! These chips use a very low fuel injector opening
timing compared to stock or other tuned chips, and the biggest problem with
them is the ignition timing. At WOT, the timing is set to 24 degrees BTDC
whereas the stock chips use 12 degrees and the RS2 software uses 18... this
wouldn't be such a big problem if the chips' fuel enrichment for high
intake air temperatures and knock protection for high IATs wasn't the same
as stock (on a few versions that I've seen they even lower those values)
and the ECU's ability to retard the timing when knock occurs is totally
shut off by using the same timing curves on all maps, including the cold
driving maps, the overheat maps and the knock maps.

So beware!


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