[200q20v] soundgate overload!

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Fri Feb 1 14:15:19 EST 2002

Fixed all the speakers, system still goes nuts.

Called soundgate...the symptoms I described immediately prompted the question:
"How many watts is the deck?"


"That's right on the line for what the unit can take.  The deck is
overdriving the adapter and it's overheating."

The long-term fix is to get their adjustable gain unit that fits any
bose system; the short term fix is to install 8 ohm, 10W sand-cast
resistors in line for each channel between the deck and adapter.
Tada, problem solved.

Luckily the parts store(active electronis in woburn MA, great place)
is on the way to 93N to get to WDS; tools are in the trunk :-)

Question is, if the car's cold enough....nah.  I don't need music THAT bad :-)

PS:this is one of the reasons the adapter lasts about 30 min in the
winter, 5 in the summer!  it all makes sense now...
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