[200q20v] StonG ä rd Group Buy

Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 1 12:49:03 EST 2002

Hello List-

I promised to update you all about 3 weeks ago.  I have had a monumental
amount of work to do and have not been able to get to it.

So, here are the detail up front.  Since I first offered to do this group
buy, I have had a huge amount of new work come in.  I CAN'T do the group buy
anymore.  I barely have time to sleep.  But, don't discourage, I will hand
over all the info and names I have collected and plus "agreements" with the

I wish I could do this, but if I did, it would not be fair to all of you.  I
just would not be able to do it on a reasonable time frame.

I am going to list the results for your info and so a potential volunteer
could see what they are getting into.

The overwhelming majority of the listers wanted to go with StonGärd.  There
were a few that did not care if we went went cut your own or Stongärd.  And
a few more that wanted just cut your own.

So, since majority rules, StonGärd it is.

I talked to the rep there and he assured me that they can make the guards
for any Audi, Euro or DOT.  If you are unhappy with them, he said he will
make sure you are happy.

The discount would be 15-25% depending on how many people wanted to order.
Based on the response I got, we probably could get the 25% off.

The purchase would go like this.  I discount amount would be predetermined,
then each lister would go too the StonGärd web page and find their
application.  You would get the price for your car (Euro would be the same
as DOT) and discount it buy X%.  Then you would add a couple bucks for
shipping.  You would then PayPal the lister involved with the GP, the total
amount.  Including your name, car and light type, plus the shipping address.

You would ALSO send Chad the rep at StonGärd an email telling him exactly
what car you have and what kind of lights are on that car so he can get it

After Chad and the BP coordinator has all the info and they are verified
correct and matching, the guards would be made and sent to the coordinator.

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