[200q20v] dubious distinction?

Ian Gall bh10422 at binghamton.edu
Fri Feb 1 19:46:28 EST 2002

> Yes, perhaps so, but ...? My car is a 7/90 build, and the belt was
> replaced on 12/19/01. So, I guess it comes down to respective build
> dates. I'll happily defer to you if your car's build date is 7/90 or
> earlier.  :-)

Checked the build date to see whose is older.......drumroll please.....I see
we have a tie for build date. 07/90.

Crud...I guess the dubious distinction now passes to me?

anyone else wish to beat me? I won't put up a fight...I promise. I did beat
myself for longest tb tho... 1985 5kt tb went until 66k....in Spring of

Ian Gall
Binghamton NY
91 200q20v
89 200q (FS...going soon)
86 4kcsq (RIP...gone but not forgotten)
85 5kt 5spd (RIP...still around...sort of.)

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