[200q20v] dubious distinction?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sat Feb 2 17:11:40 EST 2002

At 2:54 PM -0800 2/2/02, Bernie Benz wrote:
>Phil Rose <pjrose at frontiernet.net> wrote:
>>  I guess there's quite a bit of variability encountered in t-belt
>>  condition-- even for comparable age (and/or use). This might be due,
>>  in part, to the wide geographical variations in ozone level.
>>  I suspect that mileage correlates less-well with belt-breakage than
>>  does the belt age (unless the failure is induced by another failed
>>  component--like the distributor gear).  Bernie, you seem to be
>>  saying that it _will_  be OK to replace the plastic distributor gear
>>  _before_ it breaks?  You're  not saying this to just make us feel
>>  good, are you?
>Of course, I'd do anything to help make you feel good, Phil.  But I suspect
>that my help would be redundant, as apparently you have your "feel good"
>thing well in hand.

No, I don't do that any more!
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