[200q20v] Re: Oil Pan Baffling

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Sun Feb 3 15:48:41 EST 2002

> Can someone please confirm for me, before I order the parts,
> that the UrS windage tray, which I assume is the part in the
> family album labeled "restrictor" in the "oil sump" diagram,

034 103 623 A

> will fit w/o modification on a '91 200q20v, just needing two
> additional gaskets.

that I do not know with any certainty, but here's a photo, and if it
matches your oil pan (cast?) no alterations should be necessary.  If the
"wings" do not match your oil pan (stamped), you will have to cut them
off to allow proper mounting of the engine/tranny damper.


sorry about the cut and paste url.

Huw Powell



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