[200q20v] Discount radiators fiasco ...

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sun Feb 3 19:50:00 EST 2002

>Just tried to replace my radiator (yes, the neck broke, like everyone
>else's!) with one from Discount Radiators (www.discountradiators.com). I'd
>just wrestled the darn thing in when I realized that the new one didn't
>have hose connections for the auxiliary radiator -- I guess they've sent
>me the generic type 44 part.  I've fired off an e-mail to them (along with
>pictures of what the original looks like -- ah, the wonders of the digital
>age), but has this happened to anyone else?
>What does that pesky auxiliary radiator do, anyway?

Create more understeer? Cooling for nuclear fuel rods? :-)

It certainly has happened to others,as evidenced by all the numerous
previous posts on exactly this topic! If your new radiator is an
all-metal one, it must be modified; but presumably it's a simple
matter for a good radiator shop to add the needed fittings for the
aux. radiator. Alternative is return it to the vendor, and get the
correct oem plastic version, which seem to have a reasonable
lifetime--especially considering the present age of our cars, that is.


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