[200q20v] V8 and 200q20v difference

Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 4 19:47:16 EST 2002

I would agree what everyone else says about the V8 vs. the 200.  The V8 is
much more isolated.  Less rattles and noises even though it has 200K hard
miles and the 200 has 150K soft miles (but 1 good hit).

My V8 has a 5 speed.  It gets better MPG then the 200.  Feels quicker too.
And oh that sound!!!!!!!

Shayne P.

1972 MB 280 SEL 4.5
1984 4ksq
1986 MB 560 SEL
1991 v8q5
1991 200q Sedan
1992 S4

Parting:  1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5

>> How big is the difference in driving a V8 and a 200q20v? I understand
>> the turbo engine and manual transmission is different from V8 and
>> automatic, but what about the driving characteristics, noise
>> insulation, "feel" etc.?
>> I want a 200q20v because the norwegian import tax on it is a lot lower
>> than on a V8, mainly due to engine displacement..
>> I have driven a '90 V8 a lot (I own one, but the import tax is not
>> paid yet) and I'd like to hear something about the difference between
>> 200q20v and V8..

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