[200q20v] the soundgate saga, semi-over

Linus Toy linust at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 4 19:53:51 EST 2002

sometime, I'll go get a pic and post, but in looking at the amp on one of
my rears, the caps look fine...the transistors, though, look like something
escaped.   there's corrosion all over the heat-sink tab of the transistor
and on the shield above.  the PCB below looks heat-scorched.

this was the left one.  before i pulled it, it made the
thumping/screeching/popping noises.
the right one has an extremely high hiss level, but no thump, screech or pop.

2 pennies.

At 10:11 PM 2/4/2002 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>Adventures in I-Just-Want-To-Play-Some-#$@%!-CDs-Land, part IV: The Revenge.
>Turns out that the rear driver's side speaker is shot.  No prob, I
>think.  I'll just pop that bad boy open, replace the caps, and I'll
>be set!
>I pull the potting compound off the board(there's a ton of it on this
>particular board), replace all the capacitors, and put everything
>back together and in the car.
>Turn on the radio, listen for about 10 minutes...problem starts happening.
>So this time, I turn the volume almost all the way down and endure
>the various odd noises, which curiously quiet down after a few
>seconds.  Hmm.  I then go around to each speaker and listen carefully
>to what it is doing.
>The driver's side rear unit is cutting in and out and then starts
>making bop! bop! bop! bop! noises.  Shoot.
>So, at this point, I'm stuck; I have no idea what's wrong with the
>rear unit, since I replaced all the electrolytic capacitors, just
>like I did on the front units, and they seem to be just fine.
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