[200q20v] the soundgate saga, semi-over

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Tue Feb 5 10:02:57 EST 2002

Commendable indeed! I find the Bose system to be
wholly adequate in such a noisy and acoustically poor
environment as an automobile.

My refernce for what 'good sound' might be like is a
$20KUSD+ bi-amped home system with lots of them old
glass thangs that glow red (sometimes blue too :) and
get real hot....

--- TM <t44tq at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Brett,
> Your efforts are commendable, but with all of that
> time and effort
> spent to fix the crappy Bose system, I really wonder
> if it was worth
> it.
> Personally, I think you would have been much, much
> happier just
> replacing
> the speakers with real speakers, esp. considering
> that you have a CD
> head unit installed. That's far more trouble than I
> would have gone
> through.
> Taka
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