[200q20v] Re: [V8] V8 and 200q20v difference

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Tue Feb 5 14:59:39 EST 2002

Are you the guy I lost bidding to for the AW issue on ebay a few weeks

> Those figures could be true. Looking through the 7/8/1991
> issue of AutoWeek
> I see a 0-60 test run done by the V8 5 speed in 6.7 seconds,
> and I see a
> statement that Audi's speed claims are conservative. I
> imagine that if the
> V8 times are conservative then the 200q20v are also pretty
> conservative.

Audi, for one reason or another, has been known for publishing
conservative performance numbers.  I'm guessing it's due to some tax
implication in Europe.

I wonder about a 0-100 run.  Either way, I think the V8ers would take
the "cool down" since there's no wastegate to expel unused ale to
contend with...

'91 V8 5M

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