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Bill Rowe rowe at yankeeprinter.com
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Hey Kneale,

What's your secret to getting 30 mpg on the 5ktq when, new, it only got
maybe 26 mpg.  I barely squeeze out 22 mpg on my 87 5ktq w/ 160k miles,
but that's at an avg speed of 80 mph.  I know I'd do better if I ever
bite the bullet and replace the injectors, but I can't imagine doing any
better than 25 mpg.

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I've gotten ~26 mpg top-off to top-off with both the V8 and the 200q20v
in expressway cruise-controlling at ~70 mph "under duress".  Used to get
over 30 with the 5ktq in similar circumstances.  My "normal" expressway
mode at 15-20 mph faster, which usually means overtake, wait for them to
get out of the way, overtake, etc.,  gets me around 21 mpg.  I only get
20 mpg average driving non-expressway rural highways (at ~65 mph) with
the 200.  Too many instances of accelerating between 45 mph and 80 mph
to pass.  I usually get about that with the V8 in similar settings, but
I tend to drive that thing more sedately (less zoomy passing).  My wife
gets 22 mpg average on
non-interstate driving of the V8.   She's not driven a tankful of
expressway travel, but I'm confident that if she did, she'd get the 26.

At 01:44 PM 02/05/2002 -0500, Coleman, David wrote:

>oh man.  I'd race you, albeit with a 5-speed V8...  Maybe I haven't had

>enough time behind the wheel of a CC20v (likely), but I can't see the
>200 (not completely tricked out, at least) being as fast, let alone
>faster, than the V8.  But whatever, both are fast enough to hang with
>about anything I come across on the open highway and are quick enough
>to get me in deep doo-doo.
>Mileage?  Neither's really all that good, though I'd put my $$ on the
>200 by a mph or three.
>Is Steve Bednarski around?  I think he's got one of each & probably has

>some insight...
>'91 V8 5M
>Not interested in p'ing match, just interested.
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> > I have a very hard time believing the V8 is faster
> > (except mebbe off the line) or gets better MPG.
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