[200q20v] Re: [V8] V8 and 200q20v difference

Michael L. Riebs michael at 1stchoicegranite.com
Wed Feb 6 01:30:36 EST 2002

> Ya got this last one backwards, Mike.  Taller tires will make fewer
> revolutions giving an indicated fewer miles traveled as compared to actual
> miles traveled.  This will increase the consumption of fuel per indicated
> mile and will give lower than actual calculated mpg figures.

OK then, well, it then stands to reason that driving with a *smaller* than
intended tire is going to calculate a higher MpG rate. I always get them
mixed up.
Either way - the question posed was "could tire size have something to do
with it".
The answer is definitively:
Regardless of whether it's smaller or larger - it will influence the MpG.

Michael Riebs
Grand Rapids, MI
'90 V8Q
'98 A6QA

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