[200q20v] some list notes(s-car list cc's, list volume, subject header)

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Feb 6 10:23:28 EST 2002

I'm getting tired of people sending messages to this list and cc'ing
the S-car list, or the other way around.  Both are closed membership
lists, so the thread gets very confusing and difficult to
follow(since someone who was cc'd privately will get a message, but
the list won't, and then they reply to that new message no one else
has seen and...blech), not to mention, every time I hit reply and
forget to take out the s-car list, I get a bounce message back.

   Both concern different cars; the S4 and S6, like it or not, are a
radically different bodystyle so layout is very different and there
are numerous changes between the 3B and AAN that affect
troubleshooting and diagnostics(for example, the AAN controller is
ODB-II compliant.)  We do not(except in the thread about V8s for
obvious reasons) CC everything to the V8q list, now do we?

Both lists have at least a few members who own the opposite car and
even more that know a lot of trivia about the other car, and both
lists have over 100 members so your messages should get adequate
"viewing."  You can rest assured that if you have a question about
the opposite car, someone on the list -you- belong to will be able to
reply and fill you in.

Some listers seem to be, to varying degrees, loosing it; they're
certainly in the minority, but they're very visible.  From now on, I
would like to see those listers make a concerted effort to improve
their attitude on this list.  I do not want to see:

-trolling(ie, making comments simply to goad others into an argument)

-personal attacks/flames(ie, "Joe Shmoe, I disagree on _____" not
"Hey, you Florida hick, you musta attended school with a bunch of
swamp rats, because..."  Keep it technical.  -Not- personal.  We are
all intelligent, mature, reasonably well educated
adults.(PS:apologies to Florida listers, its not symbolic or anything

I would like to see:

-people trimming their replies so they only quote what they're
replying to(not the entire message or even the entire thread; its got
to make reading the digest a nightmare)

-people answering "newbie" questions and being helpful

-folks recognizing when it might be best to solicit private replies,
and then(here's the important part) reporting back to the list what
they learned, etc. I think that if people try it more often, they'll
find they like it.

-folks recognizing when to stop cc'ing the list, discuss amongst
themselves, and, if they want to, have one person post a
conclusion/summary to the discussion.

These comments are brought on by my noticing that 200q20v list
traffic has been increasing a lot; yesterday, we had maybe 1/2 the
volume of the main quattro list(by rough guesstimate) and that's just
scary.  The whole point of the 200q20v list was to offer a much lower
volume list, focused on our cars...

Lastly, I'm getting entirely fed up with the [200q20v] prefix on the
subject line.  We did without it for 3-4 years, and the prefix
business is hated on the main list...and unless I get a LOT of people
replying back to me saying they MUST have it for filtering(you can
filter much more reliably off the "List-Id:" header), it goes off at
midnight tonight.

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin
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