[V8] V8 and 200q20v difference mpg

Ed Kellock ekellock at NxTrend.com
Fri Feb 8 09:02:50 EST 2002

I think the top three issues are width (frontal area), weight, and
inflation.  Tire compounding can be treated with inflation pressure for the
most part if necessary.  I think the best way for us laymen to compare would
be to talk only in terms of steady-state interstate mileage on cruise
control.  Cruise control may not yield the very best mileage as it's job is
to hold speed even going up hill, but with a little grand assuming that the
cc systems in our cars will be the same, a constant if you will, it is
probably the best way to rule out driver input.

The issue of size, diameter, will manifest itself first in weight and
frontal area.  Any mileage readings should be adjusted by the variation of
diameter from stock size.  Brands an wear will cause variances too.  Anyone
want to run a tape measure around their tires?

Just a few ideas to try to get this to apples-to-apples...

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> Obviously, lead foot doesn't help, but all things being equal, narrower
> tires (not taller tires) will help fuel economy considerably.  Read:
> Frontal area!  The best I got in the v8 was when I had Goodyear Eagle GA's
> on the v8 205/65 (Specified for Lexus LS400) on stock BBS 7 1/2 x 15
> wheels
> at 27 mpg @ avg 70 mph. Contrast with Compomotives 235/45 8 x 17 235/45 w/
> SP8000 23 mpg @ 70 mph on the same car.  Other variables to consider are
> tire inflation and soft/hard tire compound.
> Just my $0.02
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