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paul fernandes paulfern2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 19:25:45 EST 2002

Just thought I'd let everyone in on how things are going with our friends
over in Asia

I guess it has been maybe several weeks now since I last posted something
about The FAW/Hongqi car and Audi OEM suppliers in China, so here it goes.
Oh yes before I get on with my fairy tale Audi story I would like to thank
all the listers who have still continued to send there feedback.

So I have now summed up a nice spread sheet with parts from various models
and cross reference to suppliers in Asia, I mention Asia because since last
time I mentioned China and my quest since then has taken me to Taiwan,
Thailand and even Korea. Now I would also like to inform everyone because I
had so many comments relating to quality I have mainly concentrated on OEM
suppliers (Original equipment manufacturer) for sourcing all this stuff out.

Of course there are some stumbling blocks in this process (not price
related..they are still the same)
The problem seems to be that Audi still owns allot of the tooling for some
of their parts...point here is that they are not willing to share it with
someone else...especially with someone that will sell their parts at up to
500% discount (note I said up to). Anyway that is one point from these
suppliers, obviously as soon as you tell them that you can triple, quadruple
etc..their production then they start thinking of ways (legally) to get
around getting these parts anyway.

Of course this is where I will have to visit with them and show the real
intention of getting these parts available for realistic prices.

That's one drama the other seems these last weeks while sourcing suppliers I
have had contacts from all sorts of third and fourth parties that are
willing to offer these parts as well. Obviously they have gotten hold of the
fact that these parts might be needed and the real value and have attempted
to quote them at a mere discount from dealer prices. This is being dealt
with but is a task to sort out all the miss fits suppliers.

Now as for parts,  because the list I have is quite complicated and has
"confidential" information I have chosen not to publish this as...well if
you can figure it out...I have put allot of work into it. But will and am
starting up a web-site that will list what ever is available for parts for
the older Audi's as well as some newer ones (had very few requests for the
new ones)

On the subject of timing, this is going to be difficult, I have been working
out all sort of scenarios for timing as far as part availability but I
seriously cannot come up with anything (and do not want to set anything ) as
the initial meeting with most of these suppliers will set the footprint for
this. so please hang in there and I apologize if you still have to pay your
parts using your arms and legs.

Part availability, I have found allot of parts as I mentioned but still have
not found all. My goal was to try to cover everything from body parts to
interior to wheels, trim, lighting etc. I have managed to get some of this
stuff but still a long hill to climb. In the process I have found
interesting stuff as well at bargain prices:
A6 v8 wheels ......56 bucks ...Chris I think you have them on your 200 20v
xenon headlights .....relax....75 a unit..

and one I cannot figure out.....RELAX........here this may have been a typo
from currency translation
UFO's ................35 bucks....(remember I have to get a confirmation)

their is surely allot of stuff we can all use, and I know all of you have
issues as mentioned, that is why I asked most of you to send your comments.
I have gotten that one or two non-believer and thrasher, "that must be
nothing but junk-" quality sucks" "real rice quality"  just to mention a
All I can offer is this,  I am  total Audi freak as most of you are as well,
and I would never buy these parts and put them in my car if I knew and saw
they look and perform like carp, If was to sell this stuff I'm sure I
wouldn't make to many customers after a while as well so you can all assume
I will be trying my darnest to get parts that are exact replacements if not

I have had my e-mail from the list lately disabled as to better sort out
e-mails from suppliers and concentrate on parts issues so I ask once again
if you have any issues that you may have on your conscience please write to
me off the  list (e-mail below) and I will try to answer them, If I cannot
answer them I will hold them until the time I speak to the supplier(s) about
that certain subject and then reply if necessary back.

Oh yes that reminds me about one subject which came up some time back that
some asked,
OEM US parts availability...it seems the  Chinese have concentrated most of
their productions based on Euro coded parts this means these parts are
purely euro spec. For example the headlights are imprinted with the E-# code
for and approved for use in Europe. The issue is I have had very-very-very
few people ask about US sae spec parts...I guess the conversations have gone
on since the beginning of time on this. I had the feeling this will make
things difficult but I can say this much the US spec lights are available
but because few want them makes them more expensive...
You figure it out.

Least but not last I would like to apologize for the enormous book I'm

Paul fernandes
(paulfern2000 at yahoo.com)
project t44 Quattro
Audi V8 5 speed
Audi 90 Q

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