Why is my head gasket leaking?

Barry Doolan bdoolan at together.net
Sat Feb 9 07:44:28 EST 2002

I recently had my  thermostat replaced on my 200q20v by the shop where I
bought the car last year (replaced my  89200qt). The following day, an
antifreeze leak appeared which on inspection under pressure, was found
to be   coming from the head gasket. This car has never had a cooling
problem and has never in my possession overheated. I have not had to
replace any fluid since the 90K checkup (now at 98K) so I know the
gasket leak is timed to the repair Is it possible that air was not
entirely bled from the head after refilling with antifreeze?  Could this
cause the leak?  Is there a proper procedure to follow in refilling
coolant to reduce the chances of this happening. Thanks, this is my
first posting in several years.

Barry Doolan
Fletcher, VT

Barry Doolan <bdoolan at together.net>

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