[V8] Steamboat 2002 Reflections

Ingo Rautenberg rautenberg at mediaone.net
Sat Feb 9 19:41:03 EST 2002

Michael L. Riebs writes:

> OK, ok! I give up - or give in - or something - just let me come along
> year!
> How'd I miss out on the invites?
Ah, you must check the Audi quattro Club website
http://www.quattroclubusa.org/  under events.

> How does one hear of these events?
See above.

> Drive 3K miles in the snow to have some fun driving in the snow on a
> Sounds like just the type of insane childish behaviour my wife constantly
> accuses me of anyway - count me in for future events (time and cash
> permitting). With any luck, I may even be able to persuade her to attend
> too - but probably not with separate cars. The long distance drive would
> prevent that!
Yes, It'd be nice to expand the contingent throught the US.  Yeah, I get
that look if puzzled bewilderment when describing my upcoming journey.  I
think it's really jealousy.

> When is the Grattan, Michigan track day? I don't want to miss that!
April 26-28.  Unfortunately, it again conflicts with my work schedule :-(

> Where the heck is steamboat anyway? Must have been great with all the AQ's
> driving in convoy on the HWy...
> CB communication? or 2-ways all on the same channel?
Steamboat Springs is 3hrs (160 miles) Northwest of Denver or about the same
distance East of Fort Collins, Colorado.  I had so much fun I almost forgot
I never even got a chance to ski.

'91 200q20v...Slightly modified  + '83 Urquattro

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