STEAMBOAT 2002 REPORT - Closing Notes and Ugly Turns...

Rob Dupree quattro at
Sat Feb 9 20:03:53 EST 2002

I feel the need to add this because it sort of helps to write about...   I
have just returned from a spectacular Steamboat trip where I added on some
days in Vail with my father to the most difficult thing I've had to do in a
long time.

I am a dog owner.  I'll be honest I'm a doggie-daddy.

I raced (litterally) home to make sure I could pick up my dog at the
boarder's before they close for the day.  I'd been trying to call to ensure
she'd been bathed and such but the phone was disconnected.  I arrive home,
park the UrQ and then race over there in the 4Runner.  The place is empty.
There are signs saying go get your dog at the Animal Control shelter.

This is not what you want to find after 20+ hours of driving.

I drive down to hell (really south side Chicago) and get into the Animal
control center.  After waiting in line and filling out a form I am shown to
the ultra-high security locked down dog detention area.  My dog is in a
cage, sitting in piss and shit and it's so small she can't even really lie
down.  I freak!  They will not unlock the cage so we go back to thr front
desk where a "supervisor" tells me I can't take her and will not explain
why.  At this pont had I a gun I'd have committed a very serious crime.

I camly-rant and rave and the supervisor makes a half-harted attempt to
reach the Operations Manager who retuns the page only to tell her to "deal
with it" and that I should call him on Monday.  After 1hr of pleading for
her release I asked that I could go back and visit with her.  You've never
seen me ball like a child until someone miss-treats my dog and expects me to
deal with it.  I still smell like the piss and shit she was sitting in as
they escorted me from the building.  I had to put her back in it.

I am at a loss of what to do next.  I have a friend (a very good one) making
calls to politico's he knows but I do not hold out much hope.  No one can
tell me why they won't release the dog, and it's burning my up inside.  It's
the equivalent for me to having a child locked in prison, and a bad one at

All this from a boarder I've used for 3yrs, that my dog loved to go to.  I
hope no one ever has to go through this.  If I ever find that boarder he's
gonna pay a severe price.

Sorry to vent to the list.  Steamboat and Vail deserve better.

Rob Dupree
    '84 UrQ - now battle scarred
    '97 4Runner

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