Irritating door parts - family album anybody?

Dave Haupt quattrodave at
Sat Feb 9 18:35:03 EST 2002

So I got the alternator in and working.  And the
driver's side power window mechanism.  I decided to
tackle a "goofy" problem.  The right rear door was
missing the lock knob, and it never locked anyway.

Off comes the door panel, and what to my wondering
eyes did appear, but -- nothing.  Where are the parts?
 There's no rod for a door lock knob to attach to if I
had such a knob!  What the...?

So, being a true shade tree, er, oily driveway under a
bird-infested sycamore, mechanic, I did what anybody
else would do.  The Legendary Bentley, of course,
doesn't bother identifying the parts, so I pulled the
panel off of the left side door.  I gave the doorlock
button a twist, just as the Bentley says to do, and it
came off, but I heard the dreadful snap of plastic.

So - I need parts.  I was sure hoping someone had been
through this before and managed to keep track of part
numbers or such.  I'd love to find part numbers for:

* The "vertical" rod that the door lock button
attaches to.  Right Rear.
* The door lock button itself.  Right Rear, although
presumably it's the same on all doors.
* The plastic pivot thingie, and any additional
plastic snaps or pins required to hold it in place.
Need this for Left Rear and Right Rear.
* The plastic lever arm that does the dirty work.
Right rear.
* The plastic nut that connects the two horizontal
door rods associated with the lock.  Right rear only.
* The Tinnerman nut that holds the screw that goes
into the interior door latch pouch.  Right rear only.
This might not actually have a PN.  The Tinnerman nuts
from my local car parts stores are too wide for the
channel in the door panel.

I know, I could go to a dealer, but the nearest dealer
that has succeeded in identifying parts correctly more
than half the time is 120 miles from here.  And when I
call them on the phone, it is extremely unlikely to
speak to someone whose English is good enough to
actually carry on the required conversation.

My eternal gratitude to anybody who's actually willing
to look these trivial bits up for me.

Santa Rosa
1989 200TQ Sedan, 144k, needs a bunch of little
plastic bits and a new power steering pump.  Taking offers.

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