Irritating door parts - family album anybody?

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Sun Feb 10 00:13:56 EST 2002

Part numbers for ya:

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>  I'd love to find part numbers for:
> * The "vertical" rod that the door lock button
> attaches to.  Right Rear.

Presumably the same for both rear doors: 443 839 183 F

> * The door lock button itself.  Right Rear, although
> presumably it's the same on all doors.

Apparently also just for rears:  893 837 187 D (satin black)

> * The plastic pivot thingie, and any additional
> plastic snaps or pins required to hold it in place.
> Need this for Left Rear and Right Rear.

Now things are gettting shady... I'll Zip an image or two to you from ETKA
and let you figure things out.

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