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Sun Feb 10 12:37:42 EST 2002

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>Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 06:52:11 -0500
>To: Dave Haupt <quattrodave at>, 200q20v at
>From: Kneale Brownson <knotnook at>
>Subject: Re: Irritating door parts - family album anybody?
>I just tried the second link (to the list of parts) and couldn't get the
>list up, just an entry page in Russian  I can't understand, so you'll have
>to go to  ,   select the 1989 year and click
>"Next", select 200 avant/Quattro and click "next", choose "body" and hit
>"next",  find rear door panel with locking devices and hit "next" and
>there's the list with the pix.

The entry page at says:

"In this catalog you can find (any) repair parts for VW and Audi automobiles.
Choose the make and year of your car, then the model, group and sub-group of the parts you want.  For ease of searching, you may get (choose) an overview (schematic) of your chosen group."

But basically Dave's message above proves that you really don't need to understand the Russian in order to use the site.

still seeking 1st 200 TQ


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