Yes, the 1989 200Q 10V is for sale...

Dave Haupt quattrodave at
Sun Feb 10 12:10:53 EST 2002

Listmates and fellow lovers of fine machines,

I had a few offline inquiries suggesting that my
"taking offers" comment in my tag line was merely an
expression of frustration.

I wish it were the case.  I'm now working 12 hour
days, and frequently six per week.  There's no local
mechanic to defer repairs to.  If I keep this
wonderful car, I'm afraid it would suffer from
"deferred maintenance".  So it should go to an
enthusiast who has the time and inclination to keep it
maintained properly.

It runs, but does currently need some repairs.  If you
are interested, email me off list.

Sorry for the bandwidth and yes, I will miss it.

Santa Rosa, CA
1989 200TQ Sedan 144k

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