Sox Dupree Comes Home - LAC

Rob Dupree quattro at
Mon Feb 11 21:15:02 EST 2002

For those that sent me private notes of support your words and ideas were
very helpfull and I thank you for them.  I am pleased to announce that Sox
is now at home and napping on her spot on the leather couch.  After spending
time talking to the Atty Gen's office, the Alderman, the police and finally
the Animal Control center's Operations Manager I have a better sense of what

After thoroughly scrubbing the dog and giving her a new collar with fancy
new tags she seems much her old self albeit a fair amount thinner.  Having
been changed by the state from her normal diet of premium (93 octance)
dog-food we've got some processing issues to work through (doggie-detonation
is stinky...) so it's back to the good stuff.  Funny it seems Scott's UrQ
has the same finicky diet...

Evidently the biggest concern here in Chicago is the amount of dog fighting
that goes on, and the Operations Manager checked all my paperwork 4 times
(years of records) to ensure she REALLY was my dog.  During the process he
related a few stories that made my stomach turn about the day-to-day cruelty
that occurs in this city.  It was horrific, and I declined to see the visual
evidence which was offered.  While I do not agree with the manner in which I
was dealt with; in the end the dog is OK and she's not too badly
traumatized.  Although there are lingering effects still in the first 24hrs
of freedom.

I suspect she'll be traveling more with me.  AWD plus 4PD (4 paw drive)!

Again thanks to all!  Should the border culprits cross my path I'll send a
public note on where the volunteer hunting party should meet.  I've got some
black-talons that need to be dusted off...

Cheers to all, from me and Sox!

Rob Dupree
    '91 Boxer/Rottweiler mix - now home and napping
    '94 UrQ - battle scars but OK, it's just sheet metal right?
    '97 4Runner Ltd - funny the big pimp-daddy gold trim didn't wander off
while I was away
    '77 Dodge Colt ProRally Grp 2 - still in Louisianna awaiting delivery

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