Headlamp lighting, or lack thereof

Matt S. theonlymattman007 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 12 22:04:03 EST 2002

89 200 TQm

1. I don't get it. Are the yellow lights the normal
headlamps? Or is there a light in the white (high
beam) lens for low-beams? Maybe my terminal/bulbs are

2. How would some of those Osram HID kits that give
you igniters+bulbs compare to E-codes? The reflectors
seem to have a decent pattern on the stock lights,
even if it only puts out 5 lux :P :)
I'm pretty sure the kit would look similar to this

3. Totally unrelated. I spent 20 minutes setting my
seats right, and I'm too afraid to try to set the
memory positions by playing around--they're PERFECT
right now. The car didn't come with a manual :( so I
have no clue how to set them.


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