Pretty big puff of oil smoke at cold start-up

Tom Daily TDaily at
Wed Feb 13 12:06:39 EST 2002

Been happening for 2 weeks; about 75% of my cold starts result in a pretty big oil puff, which goes right away as I drive off. Car does not consume oil between changes & I use Mobil 1, chg at 4000 mi. Car has 73K on it. Whatta 'ya think? Seals? Leaky something?

Many Thanks, Tom Daily, Brookline, MA
'91 2K 20VTQ--Bamboo 73K--IA Stage III; Moda 17x235x45 Pilot Sport A/S; Xenarc HID driving lights (Winter)
'86.5 928 S3 Auto, Iris Blue 70K (Summer)
'90 V8 Quattro Metallic Gray 95K

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