Headlamp lighting, or lack thereof

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Wed Feb 13 13:28:05 EST 2002

At 10:04 PM -0800 2/12/02, Matt S. wrote:

>1. I don't get it. Are the yellow lights the normal
>headlamps? Or is there a light in the white (high
>beam) lens for low-beams? Maybe my terminal/bulbs are

The "yellow" light is a parking lamp; note that on the first stop of
the headlight control, it's the only light that comes on(save marker
lights); on eurolights, this functionality is provided via small bulb
in part of the main reflector, and  the space freed up is used for a
focused auxiliary high beam(which is why the euro code lights appear
very similar to the US code lights.)

   The side (truly yellow/orange)lights on US code lights are lighted
side markers(and they are not turn signals.)   On euro lights, there
isn't enough room for the bulb assembly etc, and so a multifaceted
clear reflector is substituted.

>2. How would some of those Osram HID kits that give
>you igniters+bulbs compare to E-codes?

It would be more expensive and you'd have a lot of light going the
wrong way; HID is bad enough with reflectors designed for the HID
system; its even worse in cars with reflectors not designed for that
particular shaped source of light etc.  US code lights also throw a
lot of light around all over the place in general, by design, to meet
US code which specified a certain amount of light had to hit things
like road signs etc.

>3. Totally unrelated. I spent 20 minutes setting my
>seats right, and I'm too afraid to try to set the
>memory positions by playing around--they're PERFECT
>right now. The car didn't come with a manual :( so I
>have no clue how to set them.

Press+hold the memory button, then press the # you want to assign.

I suggest getting an owner's manual...

PS:this list is specific to the '91s or cars which have the 20v
engine transplanted into them.  While we're not going to chase you
away, there's a lot of info specific to the 20v, and members will not
always disclaim a factoid as being specific to the 20v...you're more
likely, particularly as a new owner, to get confused more than
anything else.
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