Pretty big puff of oil smoke at cold start-up

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> At 1:52 PM -0500 2/13/02, Tresturbos at wrote:
> >I only get it if I forget to let the car cool down after a hard drive.
> >Usually keeping the revs down over the final mile or 2 is enough.  If
> >been a real hard run, I idle for a minute or 2 bedfore pulling into the
> >garage.  Don't know the cause though.
> get _what_? Surely the puff of oil at start-up doesn't depend on your
> shutdown procedure, does it?
Just what I was thinking, Phil.

Mitch, when you shut the engine off too soon after a hard run, you're coking
the turbo shaft.  Even though the K24's are watercooled, there is an awful
lot of heat build-up in that confined space.  I highly recommend NOT turning
the car off in such a situation without letting it cool down a minute or two
first (unless you're thinking of replacing that turbo sooner rather than


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