Smelly Car (burnt oil)

Phil Rose pjrose at
Wed Feb 13 15:42:26 EST 2002

At 3:04 PM -0800 2/13/02, motogo1 wrote:
>My 200 TQA has the beautiful odor of burning oil from oil getting on to the
>cats, and I'm having a real hard time figuring out where it is coming from.
>Smells like tranny oil to me, but I don't know what burning hydraulic oil
>smells like. It is not from the half shaft seals, the backup switch or that
>little cover on the right side of the tranny. It appears to be coming from
>the right side near the tranny mount. Any clues?  TIA

When I first encountered that (tranny oil on the cat) I thought it
was burning rubber. Often the problem is at one of the differential
output shaft oil seals. You say don't see any evidence of tranny oil
around the flange or the nearby heatshield on the right side? I've
heard people suggest that oil can come from the vent on the tranny
top, but I imagine that would require some great deal of foaming to
happen. In addition to the differential output shafts, there's also a
possibility of leaking tranny oil from the input shaft seal
(BTDT)--and that also works its way to the cat and burns/smells.


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