Headlamp lighting, or lack thereof

Matt S. theonlymattman007 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 13 13:16:13 EST 2002

89TQm, m for manual ;)

The yellow lights close to the grille are the only
lights that will come on (in the 3rd and final lever
position), besides the side-parking lamps.
That is, of course, unless I use my high-beams, which
then activates nice white lights that work decently.
So I suppose either both normal bulbs are dead, or the
switch isn't working.

Are the stock (9004?) bulbs dual-filament? That would
explain that it MUST be a switch problem. This would
make sense, as I don't see two bulbs behind the white

I would go outside and check it out for myself, but
I've got a fever..I'm pretty sick :(

btw- About the seats..I never saw a memory button!
Hmm. I'm sure I'll see it later.


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