Whining noise under boost

Eyvind Spangen eyvind.spangen at c2i.net
Thu Feb 14 17:17:26 EST 2002

On Thu, 14 Feb 2002 10:26:07 -0500, you wrote:

>I wonder what "not that rare in Germany" actually means?  Is the
>200/3B simply not quite _as_ rare (in Germany) as in the USA , or is
>it considered to be not an uncommon model at at all ? The 3B
>engine-production data (not vehicles) for all the years of production
>(MY '89-91) is only about 8000 units--total. The USA received approx
>1200 of the 200/3B vehicles (sedans+avants) in '91. That leaves--at
>most--about 6000-7000 vehicles with 3B engines in the rest of the
>entire universe (RS2 would account for some of that 3B production?)
>So I'd expect that an Audi 200/3B  might actually be fairly "rare"
>even in Germany. This is especially so if rarity is defined with
>respect to its percentage of all the Audis available on the used-car
>market, since Germany will have had far more total Audi sales than in
>the USA in '89-'90. In fact the '91 200q20v represents a substantial
>proportion of all 1991 Audis in the USA, since sales of all Audi
>models that year were so pitifully small.

Correct. Not common, but not that rare either. A search on a used car
site in Germany (www.mobile.de) turns up a lot of 200TQ20v cars.
Remember that the 200TQ (10vt) was also available in Europe together
with the 200TQ20v..

Another thing is that the Audi 100 and 200 "Exclusiv" had the 200TQ20v
suspension, flared fenders, all-red taillights, wood in the dash,
power windows etc. All this was optional equipment here in Europe. The
20v bumpers are specific to the 200TQ20v, all the regular 100/200,
also the "Exclusiv" had the tiny Euro bumpers, but the 200TQ20v got
the bigger US bumpers, but without bumper shocks..


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