Hard started when warm

DAK dak at rochester.rr.com
Thu Feb 14 12:23:22 EST 2002

I had a similar problem on my 87 5KTQ. Fuel pump check valve was the
culprit. It is on the top of the fuel pump. It was leaky and didn't hold
fuel system pressure while the engine was warm. When it cooled down, the
cold start valve kicked in. I used to start the car by activating the
cold start valve manually with the output diagnostics (via cockpit
installed button). It was a pain, but it worked (until I replaced the
fuel pump w/ check valve).


Eyvind Spangen wrote:

>My 200q20v is hard to start when warm (like sitting for about an
>hour), it will crank for 10-15 seconds before stumbling to life. When
>cold or at operating temperature, it starts immediately. Any good
>reasons for this?
>BTW, how do I find out if my Bose rear speakers belong to the series
>that will catch fire? Any other way than waiting for them to release
>the smoke? Right now, I have disconnected them, but the sound now is..
>well.. "not that good" with only the front speakers..
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