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Didn't 5000 people die in China in 1994 during floods?
Every few years, something like this happens.
Penalizing companies for not donating?

do·nate   Pronunciation Key  (dnt, d-nt)
v. do·nat·ed, do·nat·ing, do·nates
v. tr.
To present as a gift to a fund or cause; contribute.
v. intr.
To make a contribution to a fund or cause.

Gifts/donations aren't mandatory. There isn't any
punishment if you don't give 10% of your salary to
starving children in a country ending with -ia.
Your money is yours, and you have every right to do
whatever you want with it.

I know people who buy American cars just because they
want to support the local economy. What they don't
realize is that our economy is based on

Buying an American car will allow local car companies
to pay their employees, buy supplies (locally?), and
spend more in R&D.

Buying a European/Japanese car, you are buying a
vehicle that most likely will hold its value better,
and be more reliable. The more reliable the vehicle,
the more it gets sold to new owners, and increases the
'velocity' of the money spent in America.

An American car that lasts 150,000 miles before it
gets a new engine might get mothballed, and crushed. A
more reliable foreign car may last 50k-150k longer,
and receive 2 or 3 more owners, depending on the

Theoretically, if foreign cars are more reliable, they
could help the economy better than if we bought

Also, buying an American car means buying a less safe
car, on average. Have you ever sat in a Chevy
Cavalier/Malibu? Yikes.

There's no reason to shun a member of a church for not
putting money in the offering plate. We all deserve
the same respect.

Why buy inferior cars to help the economy or support
companies that donate to the various 9/11 funds? If
you feel like helping our nation, we have plenty of
government bonds that yield decent returns.

Besides, the funds have had enough money for quite
some time, now.

My $.02..I found it on the ground

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