major repairs to drivetrain system!

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Feb 14 18:30:35 EST 2002

Just finished replacing the diagram bulb in the diff lock switch
assembly.  Yessir, back to all wheel drive after 2 years of RWD ;-)

Radio shack carries a 25mA 12v bulb with red+white pigtails.  It
fits...-barely-.  I snapped the bracket that holds the bulb by
accident, since it was slightly wider...and I had to trim away a
bunch of glue at the base very, very carefully.  In any case, 25mA is
-perfect-; don't go installin' a 60mA bulb like some guides would
suggest :)  Oh, also, have no fear removing it from the top; it's
completely, totally unnecessary to take apart the whole #$@! center
console.  You do have to be careful to avoid scratching the TOP of
the switch however, as it's some sort of funky vinyl covered plastic
and the vinyl tears easily.  Just slip your fingernail under the
crack, give a little tug, and use a cloth-covered screwdriver tip to
lever it outta there.  15 seconds versus whole afternoon.  BTW, this
all applies only to the later generation quattro rear diff lock
switch(aka post 89 cars.)

Radio shack no longer carries 50mA bulbs we all know and love for
repairing seat heater switches, mirror switches, etc...I will know
shortly if the 60mA version works, but given that all of the switches
I've taken apart so far have showed signs of the bulb burning the
plastic, I don't think the 60mA version is such a hot(pardon the pun)
idea.  I have enough to worry about exploding speakers...

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