Repairs foiled again...definately not good.

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Thu Feb 14 19:20:48 EST 2002


     I know that pretty much every time you hear from me, it's some tale of woe and desperation, but i really do hope this is the last time I will have to query you as I have been...I'd rather be talking about how the IA chip was just installed and my car is running better than ever...(Both have yet to happen).
     When last I wrote, my car had been sitting in the parking lot for nearly a week and my mechanic was 90% sure the reference sensor was the culprit for my car not starting.  He found that he had an extra lying around and tested it out in my car...still no dice.  Since the 20v turbo is a pretty rare bird, he reccomended i take it to a specialist so they could straighten it out.  Well, today i hear back from the European Motors specialist and he is as stumped as the first mechanic was.  The only thing the specialist can think of is that my computer must be totally fried ($1200.00 worth of fried) and that it needs to be replaced, but he reccomends sending it up to the nearest dealer (Lasher Audi of Sacramento, about an hour North) to have it checked first, he says that they have a 51-50 sensor there that may be able to tell what is wrong, but no gaurantees...  Also, if i buy the computer (not sure how I'd swing that) and it doesn't's nonreturnable.  I'm really in a pickle, and being in college with a heavy load and pledging a fraternity leaves me with scarce time to become really involved in this...Any help or reccomendations would be very gratefully appreciated.

Adam Chinchiolo
'91 200q20v, really hoping the brain is still intact.

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