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Thu Feb 14 23:45:43 EST 2002

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>(Lasher Audi of Sacramento, about an hour North) to have it checked
>first, he says that they have a 51-50 sensor there that may be able
>to tell what is wrong

VAG-1551/1552.  It's not a sensor, it's a computer "scan tool" that
talks to the ECU via the three diagnostic connectors in the passenger
footwell(well, actually, only two of them, but there are three.)

   The only advantage of the tool(on our cars) is that it can do high
speed communication and read 11 adaptive values in the ECU's memory,
as well as list, in one shot, all the error codes stored.

It is completely unnecessary for just reading codes.  A short piece
of wire and a LED will let you read the blink use the
same three connectors, wiring an LED between one set of contacts and
connecting another two for 4 seconds with the wire.

Find a new mechanic.  These two obviously have no idea what they're
doing.  ECU failures are EXTREMELY rare and should be the LAST item

Can anyone recommend a good mechanic for Adam here(he said he's an
hour south of Sacramento I think?)  Adam, please post what your
general area is...

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