Adam Needs a new mechanic

Gronberg fussball_200 at
Fri Feb 15 08:11:29 EST 2002

The only sure fire way (without tools...) is to put the ECU in another 200 and test
it out. That is how I isolated the ECU failure I had. An Audi specialist shop should
know where to find another 200 20v- I live ion a small town in West Michigan, and
the mechanic knows of 4 200 owners personally within a couple hours of here....
That's the "easiest" route assuming you can find another 200 20v.

BTW my ECU failure was due to over an inch of water that had leaked into the ECU
box.... water does a great job of ruining delicate microchips and electronics...

John Gronberg
91 200 20v 160K

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