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>Phil wrote:
>  5. Install spare sensor, test drive= Full boost. Life is good again.
>  As Scott M. says--expect no more than a few years service from these
>  3-pin sensors--and indeed mine had been installed just about 3 yrs
>  ago. The 3-pin version doesn't tend to fail in the obvious manner of
>  its 4-pin predecessor --i.e., a dead temp gauge. Instead, it will
>  fail by giving a spurious engine overheat signal to the ECU (but in
>  my car this did not consistently produce that warning-light message
>  and chime) and can quietly rob you of boost and/or AC.

>>Gee, my mfts came with the car 100k miles/5 years ago, and seems to
>>work ok...
>>ack!  now I've done it...

Indeed you have done it--your MFTS (or a power window?) is doomed.

Actually, for all I know that "spare"  I just installed could also be
a 100K mile part. It was on the car when purchased by me (at 98K
miles), and I replaced soon after in an unsuccessful attempt to get
the temperature gauge reading a bit higher. So I kept the old sensor
as a spare, and it's now back in the car.

So, to paraphrase our friend Bernie: "If it ain't broke--but you
fixed it anyway--keep the old part as a spare."

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