the mutli-MALfunction sensor strikes again!

Donna or Chris Locke d.locke at
Fri Feb 15 20:18:09 EST 2002

1 or 2 megohms is a low resistance?

'91 2c20vtq
'86 4kcstq

> From: Phil Rose <pjrose at>
> Subject: Re: the mutli-MALfunction sensor strikes again!
> 4. Disconnect once more, use DVM to measure resistance from the
> sensor terminals (to ground) and find suspicious low resistance (on
> the order of 1 or 2 megohms) from terminals R (to overheat warning)
> and C (to A/C). I have a spare multifunction sensor, and testing
> those same terminals show an open circuit with respect to ground (as
> expected for a good sensor).

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