Indicator lamps, was Re: major repairs to drivetrain system!

motogo1 motogo1 at
Sat Feb 16 20:24:27 EST 2002

A good source for indicator lamps is  They have
35 mA clear ones, with red covers if you need them. I used them on the 200
and S4 for the seat heater indicators and they worked really nice. The
shipping will cost you way more than the bulbs however. Still a good source,
if Radio Shack doesn't have what you need.

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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> LEDs worked fine in the seat heater controllers in my UrS4, Brett.
> illumination to the OEM bulbs. I added a reflector to divert light into
> light guide.
> Fred Munro
> '94 S4
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> > At 3:47 PM -0800 2/14/02, Brian Devlin wrote:
> > >>  but given that all of the switches
> > >>I've taken apart so far have showed signs of the bulb burning the
> > >>plastic, I don't think the 60mA version is such a hot(pardon the pun)
> > >>idea.
> > >
> > >Sounds like a good place to put and LED.

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