power window repair (swivel pins)

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Yep...worked great on my 5000 for many years after the fix...

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> Subject: power window repair (swivel pins)
> In the Bentley manual for my '91 200q there's a description of repair
> to the "pivot arm" assembly in the power window regulator. The pivot
> arm has a tab that grips the regulator cable, and when this tab
> breaks, the cable will be unable to move the window. I've taken the
> trim panel off and verified that this is the situation with my
> driver's side window (cable, motor, switches, etc seem OK).
> The Bentley repair procedure is to use of a couple of modified
> "swivel pins" (p/n 111129921), which you attach to the cable--placing
> one on each side of the broken pivot arm. The modification to the
> swivel pin involves cutting a groove so it can be slid onto the
> cable; then it's fastened by a set screw (and Loctite).
> I've obtained some of these little swivel pins (special order from VW
> dealer at $3.49/ea), and soon will try to do the repair. However none
> of the several very nexperienced Audi techs I've spoken to have ever
> heard of this procedure.
> I have no illusions that this will necessarily turn out to be a
> "permanent" repair, but I figured it's worth a try. My concern is
> that  that the cable will be weakened by the swivel-pin's set-screw
> and hence will fail (break) in a short time. The alternative is to
> replace the entire regulator assembly (not much more labor to do
> that).
> Has anyone on the list done this procedure using the swivel pins?
> Phil
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