power window repair (swivel pins)

Rob Andrews randrews at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 17 12:55:23 EST 2002

replacing the entire cable gave gave you a pair of
> cable-ends  to be inserted into the pins; hence you had no need to
> cut a groove through the pins (right?)


Also, by using the pins to
> join the cable ends, you had two sections of cable inserted into each
> pin. That (doubled-up cable) may help avoid some damage (i.e.,
> cutting of the cable) that I worry could be caused when tightening
> down the set-screw. \
You are correct.

Yeh, my usual paranoia. :-)
> The problem with those swivel pins (IMO) is that the screw can't
> clamp the cable against a solid surface. Instead, the cable is forced
> against the sharp edges of the M5 threaded hole that runs completely
> through the pin. I might  try to "back up" my regulator cable by
> inserting a short section of bicycle cable through both pins in the
> hope that this will protect the cable against damage from the
> clamping action. It's also obvious that tightening needs to be
> sufficient, but not excessive.

I woulnd't worry about.  This fix worked for me for years.  Not only
that...If the cable ever breaks again years down the road...the cable is
like 10 cents a foot....

> Phil
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