Car Bucking??

Charles Baer charlie at
Mon Feb 18 15:34:38 EST 2002

dpianka wrote:
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> hey, got a ?.. dunno if it was ever covered before or if anyone knows the answer.. but here goes.. everytime i push full throttle I get a terrible bucking, like the fuel shuts off or something, I also have an idle problem where the car just stalls once in awhile.. dunno if the two are related but if anyone could help it would be greaaaaaatly appreciated.. thanks..

I test drove (and took home) an Avant on the 9th, it felt like it
would rip apart the driveline when you hit 1.3 bar according to
the in-dash display, solid shut-off type of sensation.  Light use
of throttle, keeping at or below 1.2, was completely normal.  When
it came off the trailer as the sun was going down, I hit some connectors
with contact cleaner: throttle pos., MAF, WGFV; haven't had another
episode.  Went ice-racing on Sunday and had no recurrences.

The PO described it as an occasional problem over the last couple of
years and one that could not be found by his mechanic.  I haven't
fiddled with it any more and would not be suprised if it resurfaces,
I've only driven the Avant one day since last Sunday.  I did pull a
2224 overboost code at the time I shpritzed the connectors.

The stall is probably the classic problem with the bypass valve that
sits below and in front of the turbo, replace it.


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