Car Bucking??

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>>  hey, got a ?.. dunno if it was ever covered before or if anyone
>>knows the answer.. but here goes.. everytime i push full throttle I
>>get a terrible bucking, like the fuel shuts off or something, I
>>also have an idle problem where the car just stalls once in
>>awhile.. dunno if the two are related but if anyone could help it
>>would be greaaaaaatly appreciated.. thanks..
>I test drove (and took home) an Avant on the 9th, it felt like it
>would rip apart the driveline when you hit 1.3 bar according to
>the in-dash display, solid shut-off type of sensation.  Light use
>of throttle, keeping at or below 1.2, was completely normal.  When
>it came off the trailer as the sun was going down, I hit some connectors
>with contact cleaner: throttle pos., MAF, WGFV; haven't had another
>episode.  Went ice-racing on Sunday and had no recurrences.

Did you also tighten some hose clamps? When my car had that symptom,
it turned out to be a very loose clamp at the intake side of the
throttle body. Any loose clamp or busted hose on the high-pressure
side of the turbo might also be the cause.

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