Window Swivel Pins

George Sidman sidman at
Mon Feb 18 15:57:37 EST 2002

Phil:     I didn't like the swivel pin repair because of the very
thing you mentioned - the set screw into the cable. So I slit two
small machine screws, and used those with washers instead. You will
find it difficult to get a tight fit against the pot metal window pin
carrier, so I filled the space with plastic epoxy stick. Works great
and no problems in three years.

To slit the machine screw, set it in a vice, and carefully saw along
the screw to within about one eight inch of the head with a standard
hack saw. To widen the slot, put a spare hacksaw blade in the slot and
saw beside it. Put a couple of flat washers onto the screw, and slip
the screw onto the cable. You then put a metal spacer into the slot,
put on a flat washer and a lock washer, and tighten it all down.

While you are in there, lubricate everything in sight, including the
regulator motor pulley.........
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