belt replacements, oil leaks

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Feb 18 22:53:47 EST 2002

An Avi "Ultranator" has arrived today and now I'm simply waiting for
some Conti belts I ordered; if I'm going to go through the hassle, I
might as well do them all, especially since all of them are past
their lifetime.

Question...are there any gotchas on this one, or is it entirely
straightforward as per the Bentley?  The alternator is the only thing
coming out, of course.

Second, I appear to have three oil leaks. One in the back looks like
a rack leak(joy); then there are two very obviously motor oil leaks.
One is dripping down onto the bracket that holds the cables to/from
the alternator and appears to be coming from one of the oil cooler
fittings at the block(looks like its not the hose crimp, but rather,
leaking at the block); the second is right smack in the vicinity of
the oil pressure sensor(at least, I believe it's the oil pressure
sensor; right next to the compressor.)  The second one, it was much
more difficult to see where it might have been coming from.  Any
ideas what might be involved in either?  I'm currently in the process
of cleaning things up so I can see where the oil reappears from etc...

(who is thoroughly pleased that the next several days will be 50+
degrees and just might FINALLY get around to installing the wiring
harness for his euros)
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