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Two examples of what "might" also be PART of your trouble.  Bought a 4000Q
that topped out at 60 mph due to oil collected around the plugs shorting out
the "spark".  Driveline bucked.  Similar thing happened after car wash
enroute to Watkins Glen but was less severe as one plug line was arc-ing to
hood not the block.
2000: obtained a 200 10v.  Slowly had driveline buck creep into play when
weather was rainy or car was loaded and going uphill.  Easing back on
throttle worked for a while.............Plug Wires had cracked insulation.
New Cap, rotor, plugs (the expensive ones) and wires were the easy fix.

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> I test drove (and took home) an Avant on the 9th, it felt like it
> >would rip apart the driveline when you hit 1.3 bar according to
> >the in-dash display, solid shut-off type of sensation.  Light use
> >of throttle, keeping at or below 1.2, was completely normal.  When
> >it came off the trailer as the sun was going down, I hit some connectors
> >with contact cleaner: throttle pos., MAF, WGFV; haven't had another
> >episode.  Went ice-racing on Sunday and had no recurrences.

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