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Attached below is my brother's quip about helping me out installing my

Question One:  That funny Bilstein wrench......... How do you get in, on over
the shock to tighten then remove it?  With no directions and the pressed
tools too small for a 1/2 drive socket hole.............This proved to be
quite a hassle.

Read on:
Heywood,  I repaired your turbo wagon today.  I figure you are getting
"slammed" with juniorette and in-law responsibilities so I'd try to help you
Went together easier than I thought....................
I put the car on the red jackstands and removed the front tires.  I didn't
want to pull the entire strut tower out from each side, so I cut a channel
through one of your "special" shock tools in order to fit in the fu(nn)ing
thing onto the funky nut inside the coil.  "Mr. Hacksaw" and "Mr. Vice"
became my closest allies.  With "Mr. Hammer" (a.k.a. "Persuasion") ALWAYS
close by my side.  I think you would have come to the same conclusion in 34
degree temperatures.  The other "special" tool is unmolested, yet very afraid
of my presence and now won't go near "Mr. Vice" ................  I did the
 *    Reinstalled the "removed" bolt on driver's side sway bar.
*    Tightened other driver's side swaybar bolt.
*    Installed new front shock on passengers side.
*    Properly re-installed driver's side shock.
*    Reinstalled both driver's side and passenger's side shock dust boots.
*    Installed winter tires and rims according to your labels. 
*    Labeled and stored summer "pimp'n" tires and rims.
*    Added windshield washer fluid.
*    Checked and added engine oil for *hit* and giggles.
 I had to jump start the car again to move it out of the garage, maybe you
need a new battery?  I didn't drive it more than in the driveway, but it felt
okay.  I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you get it aligned before driving it
 Save yourself,................ it's too late for me,................. don't
be a hero,

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